iPOWER CREEK mk2 Power Cord UL

CREEK mk2 銀河二世 SIP銀離子鍍層電源線

CREEK mk2 銀河二世 SIP銀離子鍍層電源線

  • 綜合噪音防禦技術 CST (Comprehensive Shielding Technology TM)

獨家技術是基於廠方多年來就高電平及大電流傳送的深入探索研究的成果,為聲音重播效果帶來極致的表現。Above are unique technology from INCRECABLE. Their ultimate performance is the result of the most extensive research and an in-depth understanding of high-level and high-current signals transmission.

  • SIP Silver Ion Plated 銀離子鍍層 6N OCC無氧晶銅
  • DCT 冷凍鍍金紫銅插頭
  • 另備冷凍鍍金英式插頭版本, 可供選擇
  • 備有1.68m/2.0m/2.5m可供選擇