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ASC Reference Speaker Cable 參考系列揚聲器專用喇叭線

These cables are multi conductor gold plated copper, each conductor isolated within an air spaced dielectric and each positive and negative conductor fully screened against the effects of RFI present in the atmosphere.
Available in either single or bi-wire formats, terminations with the highest quality locking banana or spade connections these cables will open your eyes and ears to what your system is truly capable of. Each cable set has our special earth block fitted which enables grounding into an independent earth, improving the sonic quality of the cable, especially in the low bass region.

  • 採用極困難量產的純金鍍層晶銅為導體,音色風華貴麗,純美感人。
  • 自家開發接地系統︰接地端口+接地接線一條。讓聲音{通透無染,像真全神}﹗

AVID ASC Reference Speaker Cable

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