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BLACK RHODIUM 英國黑金線 --- 與生俱來的動聽音樂感!

ADAGIO 緩舞曲 手提電話/手帳 專家用音頻連接線

Adagio uses high quality components, hand made in England to give you a pure uncompressed analogue feed directly to your Hi-Fi system so you can hear these superb new streaming services as the designers intended.
Our new Adagio range of cables are design to get the very best Hi-Fi performance from your Smartphone and portable device….

  • 100% 全手工英國原廠製作 Hand-made in England
  • 純銀包銅導體 Silver Plated 6N OFC Copper
  • 導體在生產過程中,已經決定了"指向性"
  • 鐵弗龍隔離層 Telfon isolation
  • 多次榮獲英國權威媒體 "WHAT*Hi Fi?" 及 "Hi Fi News" 年度最佳線材/最高性價比推薦線材等大獎
  • 備有: USB-C/蘋果Lightning/3.5mm插頭 ------> RCA x 2

ADAGIO 緩舞曲 mobile phone audio interconnect

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